Tuesday, February 9, 2010

"Working Hard All Week"

Have you ever called a radio station before and won something? I totally did last week! They were giving away tickets to Josh Thompson's concert at the Intersection. He's the guy that sings the country song "Workin Hard All Week... To Put Some Beer On The Table". So far just a one hit wonder, but hey i was pretty excited. I didn't even know what I was calling for I just flipped on the radio and it said call now... so I did. (Yes I am the type to be tempted to call on those infomercials with in the next 10 minutes to get the extra free gift too)

If you look way close you can see him playing behind us. We thought we were tough stickin it out in the front of the concert next to the speakers. Bad Idea-you can't hear a thing afterwards.

That's him.. I know right? Nice pony tail bud... It's a good thing you can sing. Anyways they threw out Tshirts and who ever caught one got to go meet him before the show. Well we didn't catch one but we just followed the few that did and we got to meet him anyways. He signed a napkin for me and in the process creeped me out.

Breezy: Sorry this is all I have for you to sign.

Josh: No problem. You think I'd be used to signing my name and number by now.

Breezy: Haha...wait what you're gonna give me your number?

Josh: Yeah don't you want it?

That's when I grabbed the napkin smiled for the picture and hightailed it back to Branden. Stupid famous people think they're so hot. No thank you.


Ash and Matt said...

You mean you don't want to be his groupie?! Haha. Branden beats him any day :-) But hooray for winning free things! I remember my mom winning something from a radio station when I was little and thinking that was so cool.