Sunday, October 18, 2009

Tony Hawk

The other day Branden decided it would be nice for Tony to have a hair cut since it's relatively hot here in Michigan at the end of the summer. I wasn't really that fond of the idea, but of course, I got talked into it. Poor Tonado got a really bad whack job. We just used the razor I cut Brandens hair with. I decided not to do that again. He's gonna need his fur soon it gets stinkin cold here! 2 weeks later I came home to this:

Dear Mommy,
I have been undergoing chemo therapy that's why I've lost all of my hair. I'm still fun.
Tony Toyger

That's the note that was taped to his bed. Tony was bald again! Except this time, Bran decided to style it. So he gave him a MOHAWK (up his back) and a lions tail (he shaved the whole tail except the tip he left furry). My poor cat. He doesn't mind though. And now whenever Tonado does something that makes Branden mad, he has to blow it off cuz he made Tony a "Bad A" and he can do what he wants. The picture doesn't do it justice. He's got a furry head and legs but that's it.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Not so bad...

So I guess Michigan isn't as bad as it seems... or at least not when we get out of it. A week or so ago we went down to Kentucky with Brandens friend Adam from his school and Adams cute wife Erin. We got to experience tail gaiting like never before. You think you know what it is until you go down there. Holy cow people take that stuff very seriously! We were literally there 6 hours before the game even started and the place was packed with fans celebrating. Branden learned a new game called corn hole. (you throw a bean bag at a board with a hole in it... I'm sure there's a point to it, I just didn't figure it out.) It was a very popular game. Literally everyone around us had a game goin and when we weren't using ours someone else would come ask to play on it. Must be a Kentucky thing? Honestly if we couldn't move back to Utah, I wouldn't mind living there though. It is a very pretty place and the people are friendly. I miss that.

The game was awesome. I've never been in such a big stadium before. What I wouldn't give to have cheered for a school that had a good sports team and that kind of crowd support. Makes me miss tumbling so much. It's been 9 months since the last time I did a back flip. Yes I can count the days. (It was on a beach in Cancun. Big mistake cuz i kicked sand up in my eyes.)
Last night we went to Octoberfest with those guys again. $17 gets you a "free" mug, 3 tickets, and all the americanized polka music you can handle. It always makes me laugh when people check Brandens ID. He's 29 and his license has his picture from when he was 19 it expires every 11 years and it's laminated so you can't get it wet. It looks fake. No one every believes him. And then there's me. I still look 17. They always double and triple check my ID.
Anyways we got lots of apple cider and Branden did a few jigs. (I sincerely hope our children get my sense of coordination and not his). It was a good time.