Monday, July 26, 2010

Big News!!

So we've kept the secret pretty well... Actually, Branden told a ton of people already so it's about time I get to announce it too since we're so excited! We're having a baby! It's due January 30, 2011 so I'm about 3 months and some weeks along. We couldn't be happier!!

Here he/she is. We're calling it Baby Roo. Branden says it's a girl, I'm positive it's a boy. This is Roo at only 9 weeks so it's still a blob. But goodness isn't that the cutest blob you've ever seen?

It's been pretty fun so far. Minus the sickness. I'm pretty lucky because I don't really get sick in the mornings very often and it's already starting to get easier. Night times aren't much fun for me though. Thank goodness for bread and water. But let me start from the beginning...

We found out for real that we were pregnant on Brandens birthday. I wanted to keep it a secret and tell him a special way but c'mon you just can't keep a secret like that for more than 2 minutes.
About a month ago, I had a Dr.'s appointment and instead of getting to meet my Dr., I met an LPN who measured me and told me I was either 3 1/2 months along or having twins or even more possibly. But noooo of course they won't give me an ultrasound for another 2 weeks or so. Plus she couldn't find the heartbeat. If I'm over 3 months along and you can't find a heartbeat, there's something wrong with the baby. She didn't seem to care. I on the other hand was silently freaking out. So after waiting a very long 2 weeks I got to go get an ultra sound. The Sonographer (yes still not my Dr.) took a picture of our little one found out I was only 9 weeks along, confirmed it had a strong heartbeat, and that there was only one in there. Whew.... Thank goodness. Not that twins would be a bad thing, but I was positive I was not that far along so it had to be twins. Which would be really really hard to do out here alone with no family and Branden in school full time. Law School is not like college. It's like a full time job plus no paid overtime.

And now for pictures. I've promised the baby bump. So here it is. Do not laugh at me.

I feel huge. Branden says you can't tell, but my pants don't fit right, my toes are slowly disappearing, and when your husband tells you "wow you look good baby your tummy is getting so big!" I tend to feel like a blimp already.

It's a lot bigger from my view anyways.

It's finally setting in. We're gonna be a mommy and a daddy! It's weird to love something so much and never even see it or hold it. We love our baby Roo more than anything. It means the world to us both. We cannot wait to meet baby Roo! Less than 6 months to go!

So for now we're just waiting as patiently as possible until September 14th when we get to find out what it is. Anyone care to take a guess?

Friday, July 9, 2010

Grand Haven

We finally decided that it's about time we get out and do something. We've lived here for 2 years and never gone on a vacation within driving distance. Apparently we're really close to a lot of things: Canada, New York City, the UP, and Grand Haven. So guess where we chose to go 1st?

They have this awesome pier that we walked along. A lot of kids were pier jumping into the water. Lake Michigan is huge! It looks just like the ocean!

Branden was really excited about the lighthouse. It looks a lot bigger from far away. He was hoping to get to go inside. He's convinced it's haunted because all the lighthouses on Ghost Hunters TAPS find ghosts in the lighthouses.

They have this huge musical water show.

They claim it's the biggest in the United States. I was pretty impressed.

So that's how we spent the 4th of July here in Michigan this year.
Hope everyone enjoyed the sunshine as much as we did.
We miss you all! The count down has begun, less than a year and we'll be back home again for good this time!