Saturday, January 30, 2010

One Year Anniversary

When you give a present to someone, you usually hope they'll enjoy it like you would. What's even better is when they let you enjoy it too. A few years ago Branden gave his parents a gift card to the Anniversary Inn for Christmas. (He's really into giving gift cards-lame) Anyways, they never ended up using it so... we went and had a fun anniversary with it.

This is the Presidential Suite. It was so big and beautiful and very romantic. He even bought me bubble bath cuz he knows how bad I miss having a huge tub to sit and read in for hours. Obviously it's been a while since I had a bubble bath because when I read the directions and it said only one cap full I figured that was for a child so I used almost the whole bottle... oops. The tub ended up overflowing with bubbles.

Defintely gotta do this again someday!


B and B said...

SOOOOO fun! I love that place! Congrats to you cute kids!

Rylie said...

Anniversary Inn is the best! We spent our first married night in the Sleeping Beauty's Castle room. It was so cool!