Friday, September 25, 2009

Bradshaw Camping

Before we came out here to Michigan, we made one last trip. This time we drove to Idaho to go camping with my Bradshaw family. It was quite the expedition getting up to where we finally made camp. There was no where available in the whole stinkin mountain! Eventually after several hours of driving around in the middle of the night we found a spot that was big enough for all of us to set up our tents. 30 minutes later we were all in bed and dead asleep... Until the bears came to our camp ground. Apparently no one else heard it except Bran and I. I just knew we were dead. I didn't sleep a bit the rest of the night. Branden says they were just deer but I know otherwise. Thank goodness Kent came up the next day and set his tent up on the other side of ours so that we weren't the end of the line of tents. (That way while the bears ate him I'd have enough time to get to the car. Sorry Kent..) We had a ton of fun being very lazy but I think the greatest thing about our camping trip had to be the sling shot Branden bought before we went up there. (Which by the way they insisted on checking his ID to be sure he was above the age of 16 haha) The kiddos played with that thing for hours, and Branden spent quite a few himself helping them shoot pop cans. Chase was quite the pro by the end of the day so we sent it home with him to practice. Your welcome Kieth and Jody. I've got a ton more pictures from this trip but I'm gonna start another blog for them so family hold on a sec.


Ash and Matt said...

I don't think I've ever seen someone look so gorgeous on a camping trip! And hey, I'm with you in the job department. Nothing has even come up where we are in California... so I've just been telling everyone I'm retired haha.