Sunday, October 24, 2010

Baby Crazy

Getting ready for a baby has been a lot of fun. We're already getting to know her personality and she's not even gonna be here for another 3 months. I can honestly say she's gonna be quite the princess. So far we've learned:
  • She does not like loud noises. Branden and I got to go to the Detroit Pistons game this weekend and everytime they'd announce anything or play music or the buzzer she would kick my ribs. Which by the way she only does on my right side so they're constantly bruised on the inside.

  • She doesn't like alfredo sauce. So much for the never ending pasta at Olive Garden.

  • Grape juice gives me heartburn. I'm attributing that to her because that used to be my favorite juice ever, and now I can't even look at the stuff.

  • She'll be a night owl just like her daddy. I wish Branden could carry her at night so I could get some rest, because come 10 or 11 every night, I want to go to bed but she wants to stay up and watch football with him.

Since she's not going to have a bedroom while we're out here, there's really no reason for us to get any decorations and things like that for her. Instead of getting to prepare a room for her like most mommy's do, I'm keeping busy with crafts and things. I've decided that she needs a bow to match every little outfit she has. Branden says she's not going to like wearing flowers as big as her head, but until she can tell me that herself I'm gonna enjoy every minute of it. Here's a few things I've made so far.

Believe it or not, Branden is already wrapped around her little finger. We went back to a store 2 times to get the full set of some stuffed animals for her "just incase she wants all of them". Also he picked out these Michigan State onsies for her cuz he thought she could wear them while she was in the hospital. He was pretty disappointed when I told him 3 months wont fit a newborn even a little bit.

And this is for those of you that want a belly update. I do not like pictures at the moment, so bare with me if I'm a little hesitant at posting these. I feel gigantic.

Oh and by the way I'm gonna be home next month for a week. Anyone that's around before Thanksgiving let me know because I haven't seen anyone in 11 months we need to catch up! Still not for sure on a name yet. We're getting closer though!


Erin said...

Oh my your belly is huge. Oh wait, no that's mine. Yours can't compare and you're due 6 weeks before me. My dad says football games are good for your cultural awareness (I disagree). Oh and way to be on the bows...remember I need you to be my creative side. I have to buy everything because people wouldn't know what anything is that I try to make. Hope things are going good!!

Christa said...

Those bows are so cute! I want to know how you made the purple and white one. I can't wait for you guys to have that little one! Three months will go by so fast and so slow all the same time. I wish we were going to be around for Thanksgiving. I heart you!

Brian and Ali said...

You are so crafty!! I love the little bows you made for her, she is definitely going to be a stylish/spoiled little girl!! :) I can't wait to see her in all her outfits and tiny bows! She's going to be adorable!! Your belly is getting big, but it's very cute. You are a beautiful pregnant momma! Thank you for the update... FINALLY! Ha ha! I hope you are doing well. Oh, and p.s. I am so excited to see you next month!!!!

Chris and Jen Wright said...

so cute- and ya, I think I was bigger at 10 weeks. LOVE the bows.. I made a really cute bow holder you should check out.. It was really easy and I love it. I am so excited for you both!!

B and B said...

You definitely need to let me take some maternity pictures of you when you are home next. You are just about the cutest thing I have ever seen with your baby bump! XOXO