Monday, August 23, 2010

You thought I was kidding

"For years, the 118 rooms of the Deluxe were frequently occupied by hookers and often visited by police officers. A few recurring motifs run through newspaper stories about the Deluxe’s final days: “prostitution bust,” “assault,” “murder,” “drug paraphernalia,” “body found.” After years of embarrassing many REO Town residents and infuriating many more, the Deluxe was closed down last summer after the owner was unable to pay his tax bill; last September, the Ingham County Land Bank purchased the site for $400,000."
That's a direct quote from an article about the hotel that I featured in the post about where we're at at the moment. Remember the one that's right across the street from our apt.? Well they've decided to bring out the community and let them all vandalize it before they tear it down. It was actually pretty cool... but kinda weird. You could recognize all the tags that people put on the building as those of ones they'd signed on the city park or the side of buildings and stuff. Not the smartest bunch huh? What better way for the cops to set up a sting operation than to allow all the hoodlums to spray paint their murals on the walls of the hotel really really big. I don't know if they did but that would have been so easy.
I didn't take all these pictures but they're pretty great!

Team Work Award haha

Rumor has it the guy that painted this picture and his friend were given community service hours for spray painting under a bridge. They suggested that they be allowed to use their art work as their way to fulfill their community service hours. Way to go Lansing... punish by allowing the kids to professionally vandalize a building. I'm sure they learned a lot from it.

This art project brought out a lot of creepos, but it turned out trashy/cool at the same time. The community has really enjoyed it. We liked it too... But it kinda reminded me of driving though Detroit where all the buildings off the freeways were spray painted and burned to bits. Keeps the city interesting...