Monday, November 16, 2009

Best Job Ever

I literally have the best job in the world! Basically I ship out large quantities of spelt products, and to do that I have to schedule semi trucks to come pick it up. Well lots of different trucking companies are vying for my business so they bribe me. And when I say bribe I mean big time!

Krista and I got 2 free tickets to a Detroit Pistons game. We got hooked up with 2 seats in a suite, all the drinks and food we could eat, free trinkets, and VIP acess to everything. We even won a pizza from Domino's. They chose us out of the audience cuz we were screaming the loudest. People were so mad cuz we already had free food and they still chose us.


Anonymous said...

You lucky girl!! I am so glad you like your job and that you always get these awesome hook-ups! Good for you! :) We miss you guys!

Ash and Matt said...

Lucky girl! Having a job you enjoy is awesome, but a job you enjoy that also has perks? Doesn't get much better :-) I'm glad you're having fun! And yes, DEFINITELY on board for a little reunion this Christmas! What dates will you be in town?