Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Welcome to Nowhere

Welcome to Abilene, TX. Population- well that depends if you count the farm animals or not. A city, well noted in country songs you hear on the radio, that's full of hotels and windmills. Oh and at the moment about 3 different alarm security companies reside here. Just our luck. Someone in our office snitched our plans to move out here and so the other genius companies decided to go to. What is that? Why the heck would you wanna follow APX or any other company to try and sell the same houses? It just doesn't make any sense.

Living out of a hotel has its ups and downs. Free oatmeal and waffles for breakfast and nachos and tuna fish sandwhiches for dinner... At least the company while eating it was good :) The maid service was great. They even cleaned up Tony's messy toys. All in all it's been not so bad except for the crickets. There's a hole in the wall outside that leads directly to the vent to our room. Everynight the crickets wake up and join in the chorus that lasts til the sun comes up again. It's so ANNOYING! The first night it happened I wanted to call maintainance, but Branden being the fix it man decided to take matters into his own hands. We didn't have bug spray so febreeze had to do. I swear he sprayed 1/2 the can into the vent. It worked for a while, thinking we choked them out we turned out the lights and went back to sleep. Then the AC turned on. Every ounce of febreeze in the vents came out at once. We couldn't breathe. The next day the ridex guy came and opened the vent to suck out the little buggers. Things went well for a night or 2. But, nothing lasts forever and they're back again. Only 3 more nights and then they'll be someone elses problem. We can't wait to come home again!