Monday, July 6, 2009

Texas is so hot hot hot!

Happy 4th of July! What a fun day, and yet so incredibly long! Branden went to work early in the morning and I went to work... yay... Afterwards though we went out to eat at Fudruckers. We literally had the entire restaurant to ourselves. Which is probably a good thing because they're so slow. They say good food is worth waiting for but really did we have to wait for them to kill the cow too?

So last week for the incentives the boys had to get like 50 sales on saturday which they easily did. Anyways, instead of getting a bbq they got to do diving for dollars. I ended up getting to do it too cuz one of the older guys didn't want to. Imagine this $600 gold dollars thrown into a pool and 35 guys plus me diving for them. It only lasted like 30 seconds but wow that was fun! We got about 30 bucks or something. I imagine this is what a pirate feels like.

You can see me and Branden in the left corner most the time. It's like a feeding frenzy in there!